Altar of Rust and Rebirth

The Altar of Rust and Rebirth, 2002-2022 14.5"x16.5"x3" hydrocal, acrylic, and wood 1000

The Prostitute

The Prostitute, 2021 ceramic, mixed 43"x25"x26" 7500

Carrots, 2020

Carrots, 2020 mixed media 17"x10"x9" 1500

Stitches, 2020

Stitches, 2020 polymer clay, acrylic paint, and wood 8"x6"x3" 650

The Damaged 2, 2020

The Damaged 2, 2020 stoneware and acrylic paint 15x16x9 1600

The Blind Leporine

The Blind Leporine, 2019 stoneware and acrylic 17"x8"x9" 1000

The Damaged

The Damaged, 2019 stained and glazed porcelain 14"x10"x7" 1800

The Caprine Aristocrat

2019 stoneware and acrylic 16"x8"x7" sold

The Mute Prophet

The Mute Prophet (Uncanny Valley Series), 2019 stoneware, acrylic, polyurethane 15"x7"x7" 1200

The Blind Pilgrim

The Blind Pilgrim (Uncanny Valley Series), 2018 stoneware and acrylic 16"x6"x6" 900

The Eighth Veil

The Eighth Veil, 2018 stoneware, polyurethane 9"x16"x16" 1400

The Suffocating Woman

The Suffocating Woman, 2018 stoneware and acrylic 12"x10"x8" 1600

The Suffocating Man

The Suffocating Man, 2018 porcelain and acrylic 24"x13"x13" w/base 2500

Denizen of the Uncanny Valley, 2017

Denizen of the Uncanny Valley, 2017 stoneware 12"x6"x7" 600

Denizen of the Uncanny Valley

Denizen of the Uncanny Valley, 2017 stoneware 12"x6"x7' 700

The Flayed Man 2

The Flayed Man 2, 2017 raku 23"x7"x10" 900

The Patient

The Patient, 2017 horse-hair raku and acrylic 13"x9"x8" sold

The Offering, 2017

The Offering, 2017 stoneware and acrylic 9"x5"x4" sold

The Flayed Man

The Flayed Man, 2017 stoneware 24"x11"x5" 900


Raw, 2016 polyurethane and acrylic 4"x8"x9" 900

Felis Silvestris Catus...

Felis Silvestris Catus (Mid-Transverse Hyper-Elongation), 2014 Polyurethane, Plywood, Acrylic 60"x9"x29" 5,500

Untitled Deer Study

Untitled Deer Study, 2013 cold cast bronze, polyurethane, acrylic 84"X24"X36" 21,000

Phocomelic Child With Prosthetic...

Phocomelic Child With Prosthetic Limb Apparatus, 2013 mixed 84"X24"X24" 16,000

Sentry Dogs

Sentry Dogs, 2012 cast iron 30"x12"x33" each 6000


Curiosity, 2011 polyurethane, acrylic, and wood 18"x12"x6" 1400