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Artist Statement

My sculpture consists of hyper-realistic representations of uncanny and often surreal subject matter that is psychologically unnerving, organic, and anatomical, while simultaneously being both repellent and magnetic.  The result of this is a body of work that is totemic of the anxiety's that are often present in the human sub-conscious.


The work I produce appeals to the instinctual fascination with the imperfect and the malformed, often combining traditional standards of elegance and beauty with a child's raw and unbiased curiosity.  Through the process of fastidiously modeling every detail of anatomical forms and handcrafting mechanical and decorative componentry from various media, I form an intimacy with my work that is then transmitted to the viewer.


When in pursuit of an understanding of what we find appealing and why, one may arrive at a sort of objectivity through which beauty and revelation can be found in the least likely places.  As such, I approach my work as scientific exploration in which each experiment leads to the next in an ongoing examination of the human condition.

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