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Paired Cthulhu Sconces, 2021

Paired Cthulhu Sconces, 2021 acrylic on stoneware 18x12x7.5" ea. sold

Fragmented Bust Planter 5

Fragmented Bust Planter 5, 2018 stoneware 14"x9"x7" 500

Fragmented Torso 3

Fragmented Torso 3, 2018 stoneware 11"x6"x4" sold

Human Skull Wall Sconce

Human Skull Wall Sconce, 2018 porcelain 6"x8"x5" sold

Fragmented Statue Planter 2

Fragmented Statue Planter 2, 2017 stoneware 7"x4"x3" NFS

Fragmented Statue Planter

Fragmented Statue Planter, 2017 stoneware 10"x6"x4" sold

Fragmented Head Planter, 2017 stoneware 5"x3"x4" 145

Fragmented Bust Planter 4

Fragmented Bust Planter 4, 2017 stoneware 8"x5"4" 215

Fragmented Bust Planted 3, 2017 stoneware 6"x4"x4" 225

Fragmented Bust Planted 2

Fragmented Bust Planted 2, 2017 stoneware 9"x6"x5" sold

Fragmented Bust Planter

Fragmented Bust Planter, 2017 stoneware 9"x5"x5" sold

Cthulhu Wall Sconce

Cthulhu Wall Sconce, 2017 stoneware 9"x6"x4" Sold

Terraced Godess Wall Sconce

Terraced Godess Wall Sconce, 2017 stoneware 8"x7"x4" sold

Dark King Wall Sconce

Dark King Wall Sconce, 2017 stoneware 6"x5"x3" 175

Conjoined Twins Wall Sconce

Conjoined Twins Wall Sconce, 2017 stoneware 3"x5"x2" sold

Goat Boy Wall Sconce

Goat Boy Wall Sconce, 2017 stoneware 4"x7x"3" sold

Wall Sconce for Kelsey and Dylan

Wall Sconce for Kelsey and Dylan, 2017 stoneware 7"x4"x3" NFS

Earth Elemental Wall Sconce

Earth Elemental Wall Sconce, 2017 stoneware 18"x8"x4" 385

Biomechanical Woman Wall Sconce

Biomechanical Woman Wall Sconce, 2017 stoneware 16"x7"x6" sold

Wall Sconce 3

Wall Sconce 3, 2017 porcelain 10"x6"x3" sold

Wall Sconce 2

Wall Sconce 2, 2017 porcelain 8"x8"x4" sold

Wall Sconce 1

Wall Sconce 1, 2016 porcelain 10"x4"x3" sold

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